Travelling Portugal

Visiting Portugal was a dream for me. And the first chance I got to travel alone , I chose to travel to Madeira, the most beautiful city I have ever seen. Its small and a very cozy town with not much of tourists and a hell lot of beauty and ofcorse the home town to the world famous footballer of all time Cristiano Ronaldo. The place was exciting right from the minute our plane started to loose the altitude and prepared for the landing, it was so mesmerising and beautiful and at one point I thought that we are going to land in the water as the runway was literally in the water and all I could see out the window was water. It was such a relief when the wheels hit the ground and not the water! 😛 .After I took my luggage and headed out to the cab to go to a small cozy airbnb I had already booked for myself. It was the prettiest airbnb overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean. I chilled for a while before heading out to explore the city.It was already evening by the time I rested and set out to explore this beautiful city. On my way to Rua imperatriz D Amelia , the most known street for bars and small pubs I saw the Funchal Cathedral which was so beautiful with all its Portugal architecture and the amazing glass cladded walls. while savouring the drink of Madeira which is locally called a Poncha, I met a really cute couple and the asked me to join them , they were locally from Madeira and the worked in a restaurant together, they gave me the list of places I must visit and the places I shouldn’t miss. Porto Moniz chichis located on the north western tip of Madeira and was one of the places which was around 60 Km from the place where I was staying. I did not guess the miles correctly and so I ended up renting a bike to reach to this place. I had to drive a really really longgggg way to reach there and I also anticipated the weather wrong and I thought it would be hot and so I wore a bikini top and shorts with just one pullover and I must tell you how wrong that was , by the time I reached there I was freezing cold . But the location was worth all the pain and the Hasse. It is basically a natural water pool which has been created naturally in the ocean and it was too peaceful to look at the crystal clear waters and even though it was 10 deg outside I had to take a dip in the water , because I didn’t knew when I would visit this visually soothing place again and I did not wast to miss the chance to take a dip in the worlds first ever natural salt water swimming pool which is made up of volcanic rocks. this amazing place was the highlight of my trip and apart from this they have a big lifesize mureal of Cristiano Rolando which is obviously very famous amongst the tourist as a picture spot.


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