Adventures in Budapest

To start with the trip which was originally Budapest 3 days and Vienna 3 days and back to Budapest for 2 and then back to London which turned out to be a pretty long vacation as I was robbed in Budapest after I was back from Vienna for my 2 days visit which eventually led to a 5 day stay with a lot of back and forth to the local police station.Budapest as a city is very very beautiful, it is situated on the banks of the Danube river, technically these are two cities as we all know ” Buda” and “Pest” . the town on the right of the river is known as Buda and to the left of the river is known as Pest. hence the name Budapest.The streets are beautiful and the people even more. The parliament building is beautifully lit very evening and is visible from everywhere in Budapest. I had rented this really cute airbnb very close to the city centre and they have an amazing facility of bikes which can be used by the tourist very easily and they also host a lot of walking tours over the city and everything is within walking distance as it is not a very big city apart from the liberty bridge and the farmers market everything else in within walking distance. Also one should not miss a chance to take a dip in the thermal baths it is a must experience as ‘the city is also called as ‘The City of Baths’. Budapest sits on a fault line and its thermal baths are naturally fed by 120 hot springs. Many of the thermal baths have been opened since the 16th century. Godzu Udvar is a place where you can find all the bars and cute cafes and small dance groups dancing along and you are welcome to join them at any time. so I was living very close to godzu udder and I was out meeting a few friends and we had quiet a lot to drink and I was back to my room at around 2 am and went straight to bed, I woke up early as I had to submit an assignment the next day and along with my coffee sat on dining table to write. after a while I realised the some of my belongings were missing and even though I bit tipsy last night I could remember I had my wallet on me as I paid for the cab back home. my wallet was missing and a few of my watches too. I tried finding them but couldn’t . so as a guest at this airbnb I contacted the host and I must tell you, they were the worst. they did not help me in anything at all and when I saw that they could do nothing I contacted the local police who where pretty decent and arrived there quickly and made me lodge a complaint and gave me a copy but it was all in Hungarian and I couldn’t understand a word that was written so to get it converted in a language which the British could understand I had to go the local police station in the morning . By then I had called a friend who had faced the same problem but in a different country and asked her as to what exactly should I do, she told me that I should get a written letter from the Budapest police saying that my BRP was stolen and that they could contact my university and confirm my stay in the UK. I had to go the the police station for 2 days straight until I got the letter right and then had to look for the fight back to London which was way too expensive and so I had to extend my stay by a day before I got a flight out. Visiting Budapest was one hell of a ride.allin all it is a very pretty city, even though I had a bad experience I do not resent the city and would not miss a chance to visit this place again.

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